Apple released the latest iPhone 8 series as well as the iPhone X smartphone yesterday and the pre-orders for the iPhones will start from September 16 and these smartphones will be available from September 23 in the US. Now, we have received the wallpapers that have been included by default from Apple on both the iPhone X and iPhone 8 series of smartphones. These wallpapers have been included by us down below so you can have a look at each one of them and save them to your device.

Download iPhone X and iPhone 8 Stock Wallpapers

Talking about the wallpapers, there are 20 of them in total, all of which have been included in the zip file as well as attached down below. These wallpapers also include the default wallpaper from the iPhone X in a Quad HD resolution. We have linked the download link to the zip file in the Download Links section below so you can download and apply these wallpapers on your device with ease.


Download 38.8 MB zip file via:
Mega or Google Drive